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Wendy Mewes

£7.99    10.00 euros

Book Details:

Paperback 272 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978 0 9536001 7 5

Dimensions: 198 x 127 x 19 mm


Book description

Set in the wilds of western Brittany, this atmospheric tale explores the theme of love, loss and renewal.  Zena is trying to forget the breakup of a long-standing relationship and begin a new life for herself.  In that case, why has she chosen a spot just down the road from Lucas’ childhood home? How will she settle, a woman alone in a foreign country? And will the secrets of the landscape enable her to unlock her own inner powers?

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Back cover text:

When does love end? Zena hopes that a six month stay in Brittany will free her from the over-whelming sense of loss and regret at the end of a long term relationship. At 39, can she find a new direction in a foreign country?  Or will she remain locked in a spiral of mourning for the great love of her life?

The Five of Cups. In accordance with the maxim ‘tarot only tells you what you know already’, Zena has to come to terms with the message of the Five of Cups and learn to accept her own responsibility for the future.

She finds herself drawn into a world of magic and legend that opens her eyes to unexpected possibilities - but can she really shake off the powerful grip of the past?

A magical landscape.  Set in the wilds of western Brittany, this atmospheric tale explores the themes of love, loss and renewal. Wendy Mewes, with her customary humour and sympathy, portrays a varied cast of characters facing personal challenges in the pursuit of happiness.


Wendy Mewes' latest novel `The Five of Cups' takes us on a journey of discovery to Brittany and has us longing to immerse ourselves in the wild, mysterious region of the Monts d'Arrée, especially if it means becoming involved with the quickly and sensitively-drawn characters as they wrestle with their problems of life and relationships. Wendy's warmth, humanity and sympathetic style with character and plot, and her subtle insistence that we too should use the earth's forces, energies and signposts to change our lives and make decisions, produce a book of irresistible momentum, engagement and huge satisfaction. A book to lift the spirits!

Amazon review

An inspiring book from the author of The Moon Garden... The most enjoyable parts of this book were the very real characters and the scenery Mewes describes. I wanted happy endings for everyone, especially Zena. I was holding my breath near the end and was pleasantly surprised! Her books appeal to everyone of all ages who has been in love or been loved. If you don't know this author you should definitely go and read her books...

Amazon review

... I absolutely adored it. It took me to a place where I dream of living. Wendy Mewes transports the reader to La Folle, a rather remote part of France with a village square, market place and acres of woodlands and landscapes which draw you in to read on.  ...the book gave me a feeling of total freedom, a place of inspiration and although fiction definitely gives you insight to your own life and how simplicity of life and the earth feeds the soul. ... I found that I never wanted the book to end and in my eyes that's a great book.

Amazon review

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