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by Wendy Mewes

£7.99    10.00 euros

Book Details:

Paperback 320 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978 0 9536001 1 3

Dimensions: 198 x 127 x  24 mm


Book description

Moon Garden is a witty and intuitive novel of love, growth and natural magic, set in the West Country - the story of one man’s struggle to get back on his feet after a string of personal disasters. Amongst other things, Rufus has to cope with a domineering ex-wife, the slipperiest of best friends, a dilapidated cottage bought by mistake and a mad old woman who can read his mind. At least he has a job to go to - but even that turns out to be something quite different to his expectations. As he comes into unwilling contact with the world of witches, Rufus learns that there are many kinds of magic and that love is not always what it seems.


"In our house we have two types of books: those which are intended for the second hand shop and those we keep to read again: this one definitely falls into the second category. Good writing, excellent plot and characters you get to care about. What more can I say? Thank you."               Kate West (author of Thorsons’ best-selling ‘The Real Witches’ Handbook’)

"A witty, intuitive story with vivid characters and lively relationships."   Stroud News & Journal

"A great read, this amusing tale touches the heart."     Wheel of The Year Magazine

"A delightful read combining enchantment, love, life, humour and natural magic." Earth Cottage

Amazon customer reviews

"This is a warm, humorous book that works both as a wonderful story and also as a modern parable... The main theme of how one can achieve their true desires, if they are brave enough to really work out what they are, is subtle and I think is much more succinctly put than in many self-help books."

"I really enjoyed this book - very readable. A good story, with interesting ideas and an intriguing ending."

"Loved the ending, unexpected. Obviously well researched on the magical side of the story ..... highly recommend this title, and eagerly await more from her."

"A book to curl up with and finish in one sitting. A warm and humorous tale set around the fate of Rufus, a hapless hero trying to make his way in the world following a disastrous marriage. I look forward to reading more work from this author."

Readers’ comments

"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the book very much. It is a brilliant story, I couldn’t put it down, I was so eager to find out what would happen next. I loved the characters and the dialogue. The story moved along at a good pace and was always interesting. Thank you very much."

"For a truly enchanting, wonderful work of fiction, you have to try this book ... must say it is the best read in ages. I just hope that there is a sequel."

"I loved the style - relaxed and easy, occasionally bursting into superb prose - and the characters and descriptions of small country town life. Excellent stuff. The plot captivated me."

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Back cover text:

Rufus’ life is a mess.

Can an unusual summons to the mysterious moon garden save him from total disaster? Will its legend prove true? It seems so when he meets Lily, the woman of his dreams…

Is there such a thing as magic?

Through unlikely friendships and emotional traumas, Rufus comes to understand that there are many things beyond the bounds of reason, but does the key to lasting happiness lie in the moon garden?   

Be careful what you wish for...

Wendy Mewes offers us a warm and spirited portrayal of men and women striving to cope with the demands of change, growth - and each other. This witty, empathetic tale of natural magic and human desires probes a question that touches us all: what is happiness and where can we get some?

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