Spirit of Place in Finistère

Spirit of Place

in Finistère

This book looks at the character and personality of certain ‘little landscapes’ in western Brittany, considering what sets them apart from their surroundings. Some, like the extraordinary megalithic cairn at Barnenez are well-known, others like the Chaos de Mardoul are well off the beaten track. Emotional links with place are also explored, as well as general themes of relating to the environment and the possibility of seeing into nature beyond accepted notions of beauty and cultural filters. Topics include the nature of ruins, sacred geography and the sense of belonging to the land. ‘Place writing’ and personal connection combine to express some fundamentals of intimacy with landscape.
Paperback, 132 pages
Book details:
Illustrations: pen & ink drawings by Lynette Hardwick
Weight: 130g
Dimensions: 185x119
ISBN:9780993581526 (2016)
“This twice-daily striptease act, a dressing and undressing of stone, is a mesmerizing feat of revelation. The place has haunted my imagination for many years. The first time I saw it, the bridge wasn’t there.” (Pont Krac’h)
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